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Social Media Marketing and Advertising vet. Specializing in Entertainment, Indie Games, Ecommerce, and Retail. Experiences in speaking engagements that vary from small to large. Lover of video games and nerdy things.

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This can be a tricky one and it takes someone who can take the following into consideration:

- The audience
- The industry
- The content
- The speakers personal tone/personality

Also, practice and run through really do make perfect. There are a number of methods and tips that can be utilized but it takes some time to explore the options and hone in on what works for you. Each person is different.

The first step is measurement. Do you have a gauge as to how long people are engaging with you app? Typically companies use Appsflyer or Kovchava to measure app installs and behavior. Once you can see where and when people are dropping off you can get a good understanding of what dev changes you need to make.

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