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You should have thought of who will use your services before you started the business. I am hoping you did some form of research because you started out. Notwithstanding just identify the audience that you feel you serve best and them begin to get a better understanding of them and adjust your service according to accommodate their needs. Get feedback from your current client and use that information to expand and also ask them to refer you to others.
Here are some question to ask yourself and the team:
1. How would you describe your ideal customer?
2. Do you have a particular target market?
3. Do you have any passing trade?
4. Do you gain customer feedback regarding your products/services?
5. How do your customers influence your business?
I hope this is useful.

This will totally depend on the sector. You can buy a small business in the sector and make them bigger. You can consider becoming a Franchise operator. if there are franchise available. You can hire people who already work in the sector and get them to work for you or partner with you. Just get as much knowledge as you can about the sector.

I will start by reviewing which group are already operating successful in DC. Even attend a meeting or two. This will give you a better knowledge/understanding of what's on offer. The key benefits they provide for their members. If there is anything missing or something that you can add. For people to join a new group and show up regularly there most be clear benefits for them to see and understand from the out set. Networking is all about Building Relationship and it takes a long time and effort to be fruitful at it. I hope this is helpful.

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