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The first thing I would focus on is building up a loyal audience so you have a targeted group to market to. On instagram the key when selling is to not be to overtly obvious that you are trying to sell them when you first start a page or you will end up loosing followers if they feel like they have just walked entered a sales page so to speak. Focus on brining value to your followers and potential followers by having HQ content #1 not just a bunch of product photos and #2 is being consistent with your posting (should be posting daily) and interacting with your audience. It is Social media, so if there is a lack of direct contact/engagement with your audience you will see a lack of sales and targeted leads. Good ways to do this is to have photos/videos of customers using your product so that people can imagine themselves using it as well. Influencer marketing is also a great way to both get followers to your page but also drive sales using someone else's audience that is in a similar niche. This is just a few ways to make headway on your account, hope this gives you some ideas. :)

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