Bo HamrickSeasoned sales professional

With 15 years of experience driving sales growth, I am an experienced business leader who inspires organizational adoption of strategies, drives revenue, manages operational execution, achieves critical business objectives and creates a sustainable winning relationships with my clients.

I am a highly motivated and goal-oriented sales professional who constantly seeks to further his knowledge and experience. I have been described as being confidently assertive, self-motivated, compassionate and efficient.
I have a strong appetite for learning and looking for any opportunity available to enhance my knowledge and situational awareness.
In May of 2018, I will graduate from The College of William and Mary’s Mason School of Business with an MBA.

Recent Answers

I really think you asked two questions here. If you just want to improve your public speaking ability (Tone, inflection, stage presence) then Toastmaster's is a good place to get some practice and coaching. If a Toastmaster's is not near you then I would recommend recording yourself giving the speech by yourself and critic it yourself. Normally we are our own harshest critics.

But you mentioned to incorporate the art of selling from the stage, that sounds more like your need assistance crafting your message and how you want to portray to the audience the value you can provide to them. In that case, I would recommend starting with your current clients or prospects and gather from them what they feel you offer. If you have clients, can you find a compelling story of how you, your product or service helped them by solving a problem and what was the result of solving that problem? Then bring that story into your presentation.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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