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Two years is a long time without an answer, my friend. I would be pleased to assist if you would like someone to try out your program. I hope you have found great success with it.

Hello, investor! I am a real estate law clerk, and have worked in various aspects of real estate over the last 15 years.

Answer: Not anymore. Depending where you plan to invest, I know properties are hot in the "greater golden horseshoe", basically Toronto - Niagara, which is the most densely populated areas of Ontario. The government recently imposed a Non-Resident Speculation Tax - if you are not a resident/citizen of Canada, you pay 15% tax on the purchase. Now, even though YOU are not a non-res, your company sounds like it is a non-res of Canada. My suggestion would be to incorporate a company here in Ontario and link it to your Irish holdings, - see tax lawyer and/or accountant - and find a way to keep that tax in your pocket.
I can tell you more about the non-res tax, feel free to follow up with me.

The real estate market is hot, hot, hot right now. I am not sure where you are located, but there are many options. My first question would begin with what kind of a budget do you have for advertising? Starting with free advertising, I would recommend your local newspaper with online listings, online sites like Kijiji or CL, Facebook groups and other online listed sites. Reach out to mortgage brokers who may have investors looking for more properties. Maybe call some local management companies for rentals, they have access to investors, and likely have a few houses in the mix as well. Look for other community boards that you can post a well-worded and visually pleasing notice. I can go on and on about this, and that's just the free options. Set up a call with me, if you want to continue brainstorming this idea. I wish you luck!

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