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Your question is not clear. Are you asking how the sellers should differentiate themselves to make more money or are you asking wether your platform would make sense given that all sellers have access to the same files?

I have developed, launched, run and sold a few business in the past and my experience has been that you need one of the following at a bare minimum to make a venture work

1) Either low maintenance and no responsibilities and all the time in the world
2) Plenty of cash and connections
3) An idea so brilliant that you can secure funding or investors

If you have responsibilities and limited cash, my advice would be to take it easy and NOT go full time. You would end up in a ton of trouble and take your family along for the ride. Success stories are far and few compared to the millions that try to do it and either fail or have "opportunity costs" and end up leading a mediocre existence.

Wordpress is a great platform and you can add a plugin to take care of the membership aspects. But it requires configuration, updates etc.

You could for a all-in-one solution such as the Ringgle platform ( which does not need any backend configuration, tinkering or development etc.

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