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Building products at large corporations and startups for the last 10 years. Author of a book that lays down the innovation management process in a structured fashion. Motto: The journey from ’now’ to ’wow’ is what I create.

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I believe in MVP (Maximum Validated Product). The more you get customer/user validation, the more robust and complete the product becomes. It's smart to begin testing immediately to collect data that can help road mapping for the next product build improvements. Launch early with a few lighthouse customers to get the following (but not exhaustive) information:
• Validate improvement over previous product iterations
• Validate visual fit as a lightweight QA process
• Supplement quantitative A/B testing to investigate user preference from a qualitative perspective
• Identify missed usability issues or awkward product flows
• Show use cases of a product in multiple environments (Desktop vs. Mobile)
• Collect user feedback and hear their opinions, suggestions, and desired features lists

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