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Phong Huynh, aka " The Mentor That will lead you to Success."
He is highly motivated, from rags to entrepreneur start up guru. He can get anyone to succeed in all aspect of business. If you are down he can bring you up, because he has been there. He is a Web Developer and a Business Consultant. He is in the process of finishing his book. His mentor includes Dan Lok and Grant Cardone.

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The most important thing is to first treat them as part of your family. Then see what are they getting out of being a sales person, are they just getting base pay, commision or both? Do they get recognize or rewarded when they have the highest sale ex. throw a party, money incentive, sales person of the month, etc. You have to make them feel like they make a difference and that they get rewarded for what they doing. and as a leader set and example for them do sales yourself . if a general dare not do what the foot soldier do then how you expect them to respect and motivate to push 100% for you.

A good Selling technique is do not go in right away to the benefit or technical stuff. First state your intention. Ex. Hi john, I'm calling you today because i believe our service can help you increase your sells. then ask How is your sales team doing are they motivated enough to make sales? are they making enough calls? poke and prod and talk about your service.

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