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I'd react-native anytime. It is easy to learn for devs, has a lot of resources online, and when it comes to delivery, it supports iOS and Android both. If you're in an early-stage company, react-native also helps you keep the costing low as possible, as compared to running 2 different teams and 2 different tech stacks for your mobile. We help our clients on building and scaling apps., reach out to me on how can help you develop your world-class app in a cost-effective way. If you're looking out for a cheaper solution, I'd suggest hiring a react-native developer from Upwork. Cheers.,


Most of the Experts have mentioned about ASO (i.e. App Store Optimization). 65 % of the Mobile Apps are searched by users before downloading the app.

ASO has two things (just like a SEO),
- Organic Downloads
- Paid Downloads

Organic Downloads is where the user knows about the App. While the Paid downloads happen through AD networks or Referrals or Bonus System. ASO is equally important.

Now the promotions part.
Promotions can be made using two channels.
1. Online
2. Offline.

1. Online Channel - includes, creating subscriber/user funnels, increasing boosting traffic to your lead generation site, email marketing and blast and advertisements (paid) and referrals (like, share this app and get 2 exclusive songs frees!)

2. Offline Channel - You put the stickers of your app or advertise your app in Bus, Taxis, Hotels or a Hoarding using Print Media.

The online channel has much more penetration as the add is directly shown on the user's device like Mobile or Laptop or an iPad. It also helps you to gather data online and make analytics based on the campaign for your future needs.

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