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Technically you can make money by networking for companies, for example if you refer a client you will be paid say $100. Remember that networking is a highly personalized affair, and when you are personally seeking connections, its best to do it yourself, and when your company is seeking clients then they will generally have their own client acquisition team dedicated to such.

You can join programs which allow you to help companies seek out potential clients which is the best way to get into such a line of work, where you know everything will be done right - and there are thousands of people who work in client referral-esque services.

There are companies online which recruit experts to do networking for them to attract new clients however it is not a simple process, and remember that there can be a large amount of paperwork and due diligence involved before you even get started. If you are not paid, the chances of you actually being paid are very low if you are looking for clients for a smaller company.

To summarize, networking is a highly personal affair, and if you are a company, having an acquisition team dedicated to attracting customers is the best way to ensure you have a good, solid client base.

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