Mijael Feldman SabahCEO & Co Founder at Übank

CEO & Co Founder at Übank, a rule-based savings app that turns your lifestyle into automatic savings. We use Behavioral Economics interventions to create an environment to make people save more and spend better. Fintech, Behavioral Economics, Growth and Sales are my expertise.

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My name is Mijael Feldman, im Co founder of BOMBAcamp, a lean startup accelerator for early stage startups.

First of all, to get the right idea you should experiment a lot with your ideas until you get a signal from the market (yes the market and not god).

Think about what problem for what little customer segment (segment by behaviour and common pain) and start talking with them to see if your assumption about what is their real problem. Do it fast! If you ser that there is no problem worth to be solved, see why and change problem to be solved or customer segment.

You are going to waste your time if you choose an idea and start building based on assumptions. If you start talking with your potential customers there is less probabilities you are going to waste your time.

If you want to talk deeper about how and where to start, lets get a call!

Stay awesome!


Im Co Founder of BOMBAcamp (www.bombacamp.com) a lean startup accelerator for spanish speaking entrepreneurs. We habe accelerated through our different programs more than 2000 entrepreneurs in early stage to validate their idea.

The best to do a customer development interview is:
1. Introduce yourself, what problem have you seen and if this problem relates to him (your customer).
2. Ask the interviewed person to talk about him self, what does he do, family, work, friends, hobbies..etc
3. Ask open ended questions as tell me how is a typical day, tell me the last time you had the problem, how did you feel, what did you do to solve it, how often do you suffer this problem.
Try to look for stories of past behaviours and see the difference between what they do and what they say they do.
4. Ask for feelings and ways they solve or hack the solution today.
5. Make a conclusion and ask for referrals pf people they know have the same problem.
6. Ask for their contact info to reach them agaik to show them your first mvp.

Hope it helps. If you need more info we can have a call!


My name is Mijael Feldman, im co-founder of BOMBAcamp (www.bombacamp.com), an early stage startup accelerator for spanish speaking market.

How many paying customers you have for your product/service.
Visits/users/suscribers/followers are worth nothing if you dont have people paying for you product.

Best validation for a startup in its first year is to habe customer paying.

Validate a problem -> validate the solution
-> test solution -> paying customers. Dont worry about getting a million customers, focus on getting the first 10, then 100 then 1000.

Hope it helps! If you want more details of how doing this process i am open to jave a call with you.

Create content. Great content! Make yourself a reputation of being the best. Blogs, ebooks (see Hubspots ebooks, they are the best), video blogs answering your clients biggest doubts and concerns.

Share you content through the channels where your clients are and make them sign up before downloadong your content so you acquire them as potential customers.

Even doing meetups and inviting them to speak as "experts" or tell a case where they had an efperience doing x so you start bonding with them.

Hope it helps!
If you give me more details about what you do i could help more.


I am owner of an ice crean chain with 45 stores in Chile. We have stores in shopping centers, streets and also karts that you can put in events and parks.

The average cost margin of ice cream (depends on the amount of materials you use in producing the ice cream) is around 40%. This is italian gelatto where you serve the ice cream without a specific measurement so your costs can vary due to the size of each portion you serve.

About the brand you should focus on your unique value proposition and what kind of ice cream you are selling. We import the pastry from Italy and the fruits and milk from our country. Your ROI depends on your sales price and costs. If you focus on high market ice cream you can charge high and keep costs down.

Physical products often have an Aha! Moment (moment when user get to know the real value of the product) when they first get to use it. Organize test shows, or free trials...anything to get the product working in front of potential customers.


First, i would not give for free the service, even if the money they would pay is going to go support their communities, you want to build a 100 years business and not a 6 months hobbies.

The best way to make them use your product, is giving them a free trial period (1 or 2 months) and after using your service you calculate with them the ROI (return over investment) of having an online presence. By seeing in real money that your service provides them more sales is going to make that they want to use your product.

Dont start with all the businesses. Choose a little segment of businesses (like little retailers or gift shops) and talk to them and show them your solution, if they dont validare your solution, change to other segmento until you find the one that are willing to pay.

Maybe the solution you are proposing doesnt solee their problem and you should change or iterare the solution.

Hope it helps!


Starting a business is difficult, mostrly because mos startups fail to get paying customers. When choosing where to start your business, choose the place where it is easier for you to reach your early adopters and be close to them.
Once you ger your business rolling with your early adopter showing traction, then you go to the other country.
It is very important to habe focus in one place at a time.

Hope it helps!

The best way to find the best market or customer is to choose one segment with one "solution" and start talking with them. See if they realy have a problem and which should be your solution to solve their problem. If you realize the segment you chose is not the best, look for other and repeat the process.
By doing fast experimenta you will learn a lot and find if your business is a good one for your customer!
Hipe it helps!

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