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1. Decide what you want to do and mainly in which sector
2. Search the web asap (free internet is available at the library)
3. Search for meetups, conferences, after hour drinks and go make some networking. Invest a small amount for business cards.
4. Put your profile as a freelancer in different platforms.

Once you have some income you can start growing the income.

Good luck

I agree with David - give us some more details about what you want. Otherwise the question is useless.
In some cases using a cheap or free service could bring you BIG problems afterwards...

Hi. I can put you in contact with the CEO of Bulbera ( They have done quite a good projects for some of the TOP names in the business.
Are you interested?

Hi. From my 15+ years of experience I have seen various ways how you can monetize while working from home online.
There are two major ways to do it.
1. You have some cash that you want to invest in other people business. As you mentionned you invested in some companies. Usually only one of ten investments in companies are profitable. But with the profit you earn you cover the loss of all the other nine investments.
When you invest in such ways it is good to have in mind to check the figures of the company, the team behind, their product, the market need for this product and then to decide. Usually it takes a long time (2+years) before the startup launches the final product and starts selling on profit. So be patient.

2. If you sell your services online. If you have decided to be a freelancer or a copy writer or doing other online services. In this case it is imperative that you subscribe for the respective online platforms which can generate leads for you. There are 4-5 major in every sector. If you "sell" yourself, than be sure to have a good web presence. No matter if you have a web page, or a FB profile, or LinkedIn profile - be sure to update them regularly, to describe and present your job.

As I am not sure which of these two paths exactly you had in mind with your question, I remain open for additional questions. We can even fix a time for a call where I can make your strategy in few steps so you know how to proceed further.


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