Ben WayAward Winning Technologist (AI, Web 3, & Robotics)

I have spent my entire life helping entrepreneurs fulfill their goals. If you want down to earth, friendly and in depth advice about technology or entrepreneurship you have come to the right place.

My passion is giving back and any Clarity fee's go directly to charity.

Focused on Web 3.0(Web3), Metaverse, AI, Robotics & Renewables.

-Created one of the first technology incubators
-Built and exited dozen's technology platforms
-Built the second largest solar company in the UK
-Raised largest ever equity crowdfunding raise in history
-Raised close to a billion dollars in venture funding
-Advised hundreds of companies & entrepreneurs
-Multi-stack experience including NoCode

"Ben Way is a leading futurologist, technologist, inventor, and entrepreneur. With over twenty years of experience in technology and innovation, Ben has travelled the world seeking out and developing new technologies. As a leading voice on the challenges and benefits of tomorrow’s technology, he has advised some of the world’s leading institutions, including the White House, regarding technological preparations for the future. He is the recipient of the millennium entrepreneur of the year award and has appeared on numerous technology and philanthropy television programs, as well as presenting Bright Young Wonders on Robotics."

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