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AdWords is where you manage your paid advertising for Youtube. If you are looking for a brand awareness campaign and users to visit your site, the strategy will depend on your type of business, product/service, budget and so on. So if you would like to share more information maybe we can help you more. Good luck!

it can be due to different options
- page not indexed by Google
- the name of your brand is too broad and it's competing with other brands
- you are not using Google AdWords

I understand that your budget is small so making sure you are targeting the right audience (mostly location based) is vital. Make sure you promote your top service/product/destination (the one that is more profitable). I would use two channels for this: PPC and Paid Facebook Ads. these are the top 2 platforms where your users are.

For Online and online strategy:
1.- Website with content. Ideally, a Blog with segmented themes targeted to your audience.
2.- Search Marketing Campaign: making sure you are visible at all times in the search engine.
3.- Once you have your blog with enough content, a paid content distribution strategy with B2C and B2B platforms.
- B2C platforms using native advertising like Outbrain
- B2B platforms using LinkedIn or Content Based Marketing Platforms (it would depend on your budget though)
I would continue with cold calling and mailing as well as conferences.
All would depend on you product/service and budget.

It all depends on the budget. It can go from a 20% to 35% of your paid media cost. The percentage might vary depending on the budget, if the campaign needs to be built from scratch (which is not your case), if it needs a major optimization or you are not using latest Google/Bing trends.
Feel free to contact me if you need a free audit and quote.

There are different ways of getting likes to your page.
Facebook has different type of paid ad campaigns. In order to get more likes you should combine these two:
- Traffic Campaign: the objective of this campaign is to send more traffic to your website. The ad contains the "like" icon and therefore your likes are going to automatically increase while users visit your website.
- Brand Awareness Campaign: The ad also contains the "like" icon and it's used specifically to get more like volume. (if user clicks on the ad, it is not re-directed to the website).
- Boost Posts: Boosting posts that had previously acquired good engagement on organic. If you know that organically have been doing good, then go ahead an boost them (paid).
Make sure that your website and blog has the Facebook icon. And in your emails and newsletters!
New campaigns iniatives (to push on every channel): for example a give away or contest. Users are able to enter on a give away or contest if they provide their email and like your page (be careful and don't go crazy asking the user to do too many things as it has been proved that more than 2-3 things is way too much). There are some easy to use platform that help you creating these contests.

Hope this helps!

Hi, this is normal to happen. I've been managing accounts for 7 years and you are always going to find these "weird" things.
Basically what is happening is that an image which is in one campaign got more clicks at the very beginning so then Facebook rewarded this image (under that specific campaign) making it cheaper and problably increasing the frecuency of the ad shown per user which is more likely to be clicked.
On the other side, the other image on the other campaign lost the "competiton" so Facebook penalized it with higher CPCs and probably with lower frequency ad per user thus, lowering the changes to get more clicks.

Basically you are cannibalizing and competing with yourself. I would recommend testing new images in order to continue undertanding which type of visual works best for you in order to get better CTRs and conversion rates.

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