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I have spent the last 20 years working in the Entertainment Business as a Television Packaging Agent; most recently at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), where I had the pleasure of representing and working with clients such as Morgan Freeman, Eva Longoria, Adam Levine, Renegade 83 (producers of Naked & Afraid), Firecracker Films (producers of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding), Big Coat Media (producers of Love It Or List It), High Noon Entertainment (producers of Cake Boss & Fixer Upper), Collab Digital Studio and National Geographic Studios (producers of Brain Games and Explorer) to name a few. In addition to television packaging, I've spent the past 5 years being the lead strategist in managing and advising clients in their growth and M&A strategy. As a result of that work, several of my client' companies were bought by the likes of ITV; Tinopolis and eOne for over $300 million in total.

As of February 2017, I became a founding partner in a Television Production Company called Topspin Content, Inc. Our primary focus is non-scripted reality programming and documentary projects.

I was born in London, and grew up in Washington D.C.

I currently live in Los Angeles, CA.

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As an agent for 20 years, I have represented several life coaches. much of the 'niche' you create is based on your own personal life experience. for example, i worked with someone who started off teaching young men to have confidence. later he realized that what he had learned from all those coaching sessions is that he really understood how men worked. so he transitioned his coaching towards women and how they could improve their dating skills, because he had so much insight on the male human psyche. hope that helps, happy to discuss further. good luck.

In my many years as an Agent, beyond the website and the artists pages, the most important thing to 'boost' is your relationships. the entire entertainment business is mostly based on that principle. happy to discuss further. best of luck.

I have recently started a new television production company, before that i was an TV agent for 20 years, and i have found that the singular most important thing to keep in mind as you contemplate your new company/venture is to have a proper partnership/shareholders agreement in place before you start. my experience has been pretty rocky, happy to discuss further. Good luck.

In all my years as an Agent at the Entertainment Business, i have always found it is so much better to have a mentor to help you build your business. For the simple fact that when you do fail, when times are tough, and when you can't see thru the trees, a mentor can provide you with that clarity. Happy to discuss further. Good luck.

I was an agent for 20 years in the Entertainment Business and the standard commission that agencies charge their clients is 10% of gross income. There are however, a few modifications, amendments and prenegotiated terms that involve bifurcation of representation and packaging fees. Happy to discuss on a call. best of luck.

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