Mike Boorn PlenerBuilding sales funnels is what I do

A successful business builder with a 20-year track record in offline and online businesses, consulting, and start-ups, Mike studied at the Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School. Initially Mike worked in an aggressively expanding corporate where he learnt to successfully integrate a string of mergers, harnessing rapid growth. Since then he has built 2 consulting companies, launched online and offline, built large campaigns, successful teams, and built a business from 0 to millions in sales.

Mike helps forward–thinking businesses, and mentors/coaches business owners to ensure their business becomes a resounding success.

Mike is the presenter of ‘Lead Generation for business’ both online and with live audiences, and wrote the corresponding book.

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Dentists will generally look at anything that increase the value of their time. There is a reason Invisalign has swept the globe. If you're selling something of lower value your cost-of-sale could be too high, so find somebody you can piggyback on, where your product complements what they have even if it means giving away half the revenue to them.

I have been through something similar in recent months. I agree with the above answers you need to set a valuation now. But you also need to set a valuation 2, 3 and 4 years out. Based on EBIT and a reasonable projection. More importantly you need to forecast how much more capital you will need. Take a hard look at what you need to do. Double it. Assume the next round will dilute both you and your co-founder. What will the picture look like after that?

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