James sowersEntrepreneur , mentor , speaker , Principal

Co-Author of the E-Book Chain Reaction
why the world’s Wealthiest and their Family Offices should consider Bitcoin and Ethereum .
Member @ Family office association
Forbes top 50 angel Investor(2018)
featured speaker@Opal , Marcus Events, Linkbridge investors meeting, family office club.
James believes in joining the best founders in projects that are creating the future as we know it . He as been quoted saying
"The key to redefining a category is to see possibly where others don't".

Recent Answers

Find a mentor or someone to bounce ideas off of and help you brain storm and talk through using 1st principles thinking .
Eventually you will find the right fit for you !

Warm introductions are best
Would need to know more about the project but defi can point you in the right direction.

These are most important things
Founder traits
1. Integrity
2. Obsession
3. Founder Story
4. Personality
5. Experience
You can find someone with experience for the tech

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