Lillya NashanchikStartup recruiting specialist/Scaling tech teams

Senior talent strategist with experience building a recruiting function for rapidly growing companies with a specialty in building technology departments. Capability to create a recruiting process that encompasses position development, ideal candidate profile, sourcing plan, interview process, positive candidate experience, offer negotiation and close. Build strategic partnerships with technical leadership team to create hiring initiatives and goals. Strong focus on building and maintaining candidate relationships to keep a consistent talent pipeline.
I have hired up to 25 engineers in 8 months.

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I would add Twitter as an excellent source to find recruiters. There are many curated lists you can find and it's quick and easy to start a conversation. Search for influencers in the field and get them engaged.

There is a lot of competition in this space. You have the large staffing companies and the boutique firms. You also have a lot of companies with an internal recruiting function. I have had my own recruiting agency for almost 10 years and am very happy with my business so far. I chose a niche to focus on and only work with startups teaching them how to scale their technical teams. Once you differentiate yourself as a professional agency and offer great service and results, the referrals and repeat business will follow. It also helps to be actively involved in the recruiting community via social media and live events. Fellow recruiters have been instrumental in expanding my business. Overhead for a technical staffing agency can be minimal at first. I can answer any questions you may have on a call.

I think this is excellent advice that can change your life. That being said, you have to make sure that following a career you are passionate about can allow you to have a lifestyle that you can live with, especially one that will generate enough earnings for you to be comfortable. If you are doing work that you actually enjoy, all the other areas of your life will benefit.

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