Prathamesh KorgaonkarEntrepreneur, DMM consultant, inventor

1.US patent on "multifactor authentication using smart watch and NFC" us patent no- US 9301139 B2

2.Founder and CEO of digital media marketing agency -

3.Ex-cognizant employee

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Firstly be clear with what you are pitching exactly? If it service/ product , ask yourself why I need this service/ product? What is the pain area this service/prodcut can solved? Who are my competitors? How I am different from them? And last but not least how I can make money out of it?

Answering these on a presentation will be your next pitch deck.

About finding angel investors i would recommend where you can create your profile and search angels related to your industry.

Also you can pitch directly to some investors by mails.
I can teach how to get investors email id using various free tools.

If you are looking for crowdfunding platforms make sure your product's prototype is ready, you do have some bootstrap money in your pocket by which you can create attractive video pitch and run a successful crowdfunding campaign using effective digital media marketing strategy.

Kickstrter, indiegogo are best in crowdfunding.

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