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Adam Sculthorpe is CEO of PatrolX. Adam has more than 19 years of combined security and technology industry experience, including providing consulting services for dozens of Fortune-500 organizations, his expertise helped protect the integrity of daily banking transactions in excess of US$350 billion for leading Swiss and U.S. investment banks. In addition, he has extensive security intelligence experience that forms the basis of Arador’s software and intellectual property developments. During the span of his security career Mr. Sculthorpe has developed a diverse range of security intelligence solutions that protect Police, Government, Military, Financial and Corporate clients business and communications infrastructure ranging from data center operations to global military satellite systems protecting overseas troops and their families at home. Adam Sculthorpe In The Media Adam is an internationally renowned security technologist that has been interviewed on television, radio and in the worldwide press. TV Interview with Kevin O’Leary Radio Shalom – Threats to online banking customers The New Scientist – Software bots could menace Google ads The Register – Botnets strangle Google Adwords campaigns New York Times – Web Marketers Fearful of Fraud in Pay-per-click (client) Gadling – Destination tool promises increased travel safety Radio Shalom – Cyberwars “The New Frontier”

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Thank you all for your input, I sincerely appreciate it. My reason for asking and my reason behind having very little on the website is because I want to draw out what the customer wants and needs and what their objections are rather than making any assumptions, this is my "customer development" process and I've built the bare minimum in order to allow potential customers to guide me.

I can tell you the amount of compromised lists I've discovered over the past few months is staggering, this isn't a small problem, it's a huge problem.

Charles I believe your response is geared towards people that run their own infrastructure, my target market is users of third-party automated marketing services that don't have the same level of control.

My service requires no access at all to my customers email lists or accounts, that is likely to change in the future as the opportunity grows and as we establish trust in the marketplace but right now my minimum viable product does not include these other features that we're testing, I do not want the liability issues and I do not want to create additional risk.

In the past few months testing we've found more than one in three lists are compromised and being abused / misused by insiders or external attackers.

Charles, your response was awesome. I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you!

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