Raimone Roberts20 years of entrepreneurial & military experience

Has assisted almost 850 entrepreneurs and businesses in leadership, business development, company growth and in acquiring millions. Led cross-functional teams of 100s of people, managed budgets in the hundreds of millions, tasked with developing and implementing a variety of state-of-the-art technologies for the Department of Defense. These activities included developing strategic roadmaps, resource allocation, and technology implementation. He also co-develop strategies for a 10,000 plus organization.

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Great question! In my experience as an entrepreneur, business adviser and instructor; the answer is constantly evolving--especially with the changes in AI. The answers you have received are solid. One piece of practical advice to stay current in your industry, with competitors, etc. is Google Alerts. If you haven't used Alerts before, it identifies as-it-happens content from across the web regrading keywords you provide. Simple way to use AI to stay up-to-date. Hope that helps. Best of luck in your process and goals.

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