Kristin EdstromCPG Brand, Trademark, IP Licensing Professional

High level brand, trademark and IP licensing for global and up-and-coming brands. Industry sectors and product category experience includes; foods, (meats, sweets & snacks, condiments, sauces, desserts, fresh baked frosted cookies, frozen novelties, coffee's), baking brands, beverages (spirits, beer, wine), home and housewares(kitchen), textiles, youth and kids products, personal care products / beauty, HB&A, Fragrance, Automotive products, household chemicals. Additional experience negotiating direct to retail and QSR National promotion licensing partnerships.

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Does your customer own the IP, or Patent for the recycling product? Once he secures the patent rights from USTPO, then he can license his patent to a Co to mfger, and sell the product, he would receive royalties on the sales of his product by a secondary, licensed CO. This is all given that the product and product patent is of interest and has value to a 2nd party Co that wishes to license their patent.

You would need a license with that IP owner. If you're interested in using another Co's brand, trademark or IP, you have to have a License Agreement with that Co that authorizes your right to use their marks, within a product category, within a specific territory, to specific retail channels.

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