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Validation is really important when starting any tech project. However it's also imperative that you stay lean where possible.

The short answer without knowing the fine details about your project, I would suggest that the best way to validate your idea is to somehow create a low cost and lean MVP of your product idea (preferably without spending huge amounts of money on web or software dev). Then bring a small sample of your user base onto said platform to perform beta testing. I'd choose past clients that have loyalty to your brand and are willing to give feedback.

The long answer is that this is something that we would usually workshop. We have created frameworks for various situations, including launching a new tech product, where we guide our clients through the various different types of validation, from conceptual to ideas for a lean beta. For us its really important to get to know the project before jumping in and giving specific advice.

You can find some info on our workshops here: https://www.devwiz.com.au/build-your-idea-workshop/

Also if you want some tips on how to validate your idea in house, you can check out this article: https://www.devwiz.com.au/2019/09/04/validating-your-app-idea/

If you want some more specific advice, please feel free to book a call back through our website.

Cheers and good luck!

Honestly there is no right or wrong answer here. Its all about finding the right tech partner that you have confidence in. I have worked with developers that are great with UI/UX and designers that understand development. Either way find someone who has an understanding of the other side.

Personally I have both done UI/UX designs myself, whilst also managing teams of designers. The key is understanding the technology. The person who steps up first must have a clear understanding of mobile app industry standards, the features you want to build and a firm knowledge of how to represent those features in a design. Always look through their portfolios and find examples that are close to or inline with what you want to build.

The best course of action from my perspective is to get a software development company onboard that has specialists in both design and development. They should communicate and ensure that the UI/UX is inline with the tech.

For example my company, LaunchPadD, operates with a team of specialists from UI designers to native mobile app developers. Our team will support you even before we are engaged to ensure you are on the right track and not wasting your money.

You should be able to get any developer to go through your idea for free and give you a fixed price quote for design and dev. I would avoid having open ended hourly rates. Some will take more time and be more accurate than others so expect at least an hour or two of questioning for them to understand your idea even with the wireframes and then a day or two for them to come back with a figure (and breakdown).

If you need any further advice please feel free to get in touch.

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