Allan AguirreHappily married with two great kids.

Video Marketer. Human Resources Generalist. Social Media Manager. Mathematician. Business Development Manager. Project Manager.

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Allan here and an online worker. You need to build first a portfolio which you can show to potential clients. I can help you out in building one so please feel free to contact me. Thanks!

Hi Allan here who has made tutorial presentations for social media automation applications. I would like to suggest Hootsuite and IFTTT. These are two easiest automation tool for social media. If you're using desktop, Gramblr is best for Instagram automation and scheduling. Thank you!

Hi, Allan here. I have been leading our market research team for the last 3 years. I would say that market research is very essential in setting up your business. You need to know the demographics, people flow, availability of physical location, etc.

I want to help you further so please let me know if we can talk. Thank you very much!

Hi! I've been creating short videos for promotions and presentations.

For video editing, you can use Camtasia while for the easiest video production app, you can use Biteable. You can see my sample portfolio in my profile.

I hope I can talk to you and offer more advises and answers to your questions.

Thank you very much!



I have been creating videos for promotions and presentations.

Aside from the quality of the video, you must have an attractive script. It all started with the script for your video and should answer the following:

1. What is the problem or conflict?
2. What is your solution?
3. What is your unique selling proposition (UPS)?
4. What is your call-to-action?

This is basically a marketing stuff but if you look at the successful You Tube videos, they have these elements, regardless of the the brand or type of videos.

I am open for a phone conversation in case you need more answers and guidance.

Thank you very much!



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