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Congratulations on delegating so effectively! That is most likely one of the KEY factors in your growth. Too many of us fall into thinking "how can I do that" when we come up with new ideas. A billionaire mentor told me that the better question (and how she grew her businesses to well over a billion) was "who can do that"! Let your ideas flow, and keep giving them away. You are creating work for others, which is a huge contribution to society. Start looking at what is actually being accomplished as a result of all your ideas, and all your delegation, vs what you are actually "doing".
All of my clients experience huge leaps in growth when they start delegating, and the growth is not incremental - it is usually exponential. And each struggles a bit with the guilt you mention - at least initially. But you quickly recognize that, as you said, it frees you to up think more strategically and creatively.
Feel free to reach out if you have follow up questions.
Best of luck in your continued success.

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