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When are you expanding to offer online classes for the materials covered during the camp? How do you get math teachers for kids on a Zoom session to work out cool math problems together? Excited to see where you take this MVP and what it blossoms into!

Hi Awan!

What problem are you solving?
Is the school wanting to train online marketers? Creative product designers?

Why is there a need for this? Who are these people who want to learn about this? How do you plan to engage and deliver this knowledge to them?

Love the question! I also believe Maurice, Kerby and Assaf have done a great job answering it.

What I'd like to add is the consideration for these questions:

* Why are you raising the money? (why will it help? why can't you do it from profits? why now?)
* What do you need it for? (what are you buying, people's time? equipment? land? compute power?)
* When do you need it? (when is too late? when can you get started?)
* How are you going to manage it? (how will it be spent, tracked, reconciled, invested, returned, etc.)
* Where is the need? (where is the market for whatever you are building?)

If you answer vaguely to any of these, it might be a factor.

The other lovely people here have already mentioned the tools, processes and methods that can help.

I've found in my experience the biggest cause of grief for remote teams is context, or specifically the lack of context. Providing the why and how can help remote teams prioritise work, ask better questions and when forced into making decisions these usually fare better than those of teams without context.

I have found that agency and video production is usually based around a sub-set of the larger team getting together for a duration of an event or project.

To facilitate the changing team members as well as shifting priorities in these environments a tool such as Trello works well:

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