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Bottom line - NO. Absolutely not. To hire qualified people to represent your company through comments, the cost would not justify the result. Hiring low paid workers to do this will only result in a bad reputation.

Step one is to set up a multivariate landing page with Unbounce.com - create several versions and test to see which yields the highest conversion rate to make sure that you're maximizing your ROI on ad dollars. From there use Perfect Audience (they have a 50 dollar free trial credit) to setup a retargeting campaign in order to keep top of mind for those that don't convert on the first visit. After these are setup, I'd do a combination of paid search and Facebook advertising. For Facebook advertising you can target by device - make the ads relevant - IE target IPhone users with ads such as "IPhone screen cracked? Call the top IPhone repair company in Ottawa - Free estimate - 100 percent guarantee."

I'd recommend finding a qualified operational advisor and offering some SMALL level of equity to keep all interests aligned, as well as bring further credibility to the business!

This would really depend on the vertical of your company and the CMS you use. IE are you E-Commerce? Are you using a platform like Magento or Shopify, and if not E-Commerce, something like Wordpress?

This is important both from an feature set integration and economic standpoint. You'll want to find the provider that best integrates with your CMS to maximize its use cases and minimize costly custom development.

A few leading providers are:

Klaviyo, Bronto, Listrak

Really depends on the type of product and the standard within that industry. As an example, furniture items can take months to deliver. On the other hand, if you're drop shipping, and customers can get the product cheaper and faster from somewhere like Amazon you may have some challenges. The key in dropshipping is to distinguish yourself from an authoritative, content or other standpoint so that customers are willing to sacrifice cost or delivery efficiency for the security your "brand" represents.

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