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For some industries, Google Reviews are very critical. Businesses that are local in nature and are often looked for with location in the keywords. Google is also a great place to build your authority through reviews. So, having a Google Maps listing with a lot of positive reviews will always be a plus. There is no downside to having great reviews anywhere. And since Google is the world goes to discover, I would say it is pretty important.

1) First, selling something doesn't always have to be through testimonials or referrals. If your product -here commercial office space - makes sense, then, people will be interested. When I started my marketing agency, the first client I acquired was a big LED supplier in China and I did it by:
a)Giving a practical solution to his problem
b) Being professional at every front
c) Referring to my industry experience (not clients)

2) There are many things you can do to connect with potential clients in your local region. Here are a couple of them:
1) You can highly target ads in your region
2) You can create a killer office space introduction video
3) You can channelize your current network to get introductions

I think reading this B2B marketing blog I wrote couple of weeks ago will help you:

Need further advice? I'm just a call away!

There is always space for expansion, even in crowded markets like hosting services. At the end of the day, all that matters is whether you have a good product and whether your audience can see the value in it or not.
If you are entering into crowded market, then, the first thing to do is do a thorough analysis of your top 3 market leaders. Find answers to questions like:
What features are they selling on?
How are they selling (channels)?
How are they retaining?
After careful study of your competitors, you will have a fair idea why works.
Now, you got to figure out the pain points. What their customers want but are not getting right now. It can be better support, flexible plans, or anything else.
Now that you know what people are missing out on, sit with a pen and paper to find out how you can differentiate your product. I hope this helped. For more clarity, let's have a call. Or feel free to email me at

Since marketing is crucial to success, leaving this blog link for your reference:

If your goal is to get quick visibility from founders and CEOs of startups, then, advertising will be easiest way. LinkedIn will be the most important channel from advertising as well as community point of view.
Google Network ads can also help get a wider visibility and recognition. I also checked the website and I think value prop is not very clear. Unique thinking has been shown in case of pricing but I'm not sure how it will resonate with your audience. I guess you should consider testing this pricing with traditional structure to see response and make comparisons.
In case of long term branding, work with at least 70 of the points mentioned in this blog,

Hey, Wordpress is a good choice if you only want to display products, videos, and blogs. Wordpress is pretty fast. So, it will certainly help you in scoring high in terms of speed. Mobile and desktop experience can also be balanced.
That said, almost everything depends on finding a Wordpress theme that:
1) Fits your design vision
2) Is fast
3) Offers impeccable mobile and desktop experience

Though the task look simple, it isn't. You can judge the visual appeal of a theme on your own but you will need help of a developer to see its technical strengths which will determine whether it will performance as fast as you want it.
Also, you will need a developer to deploy the theme correctly, secure it from hacks, and also make design & programming tweaks.

My team takes care of theme selection, deployment, and updates for the websites we manage for our clients at nominal fee. I can get the same done for you. Email me at to discuss further. Or simply call :)

Further reading:


Sometimes, new-kids also float wrong data to create hype and get initial users. So, I will take what others are saying with a grain of salt. What you should - as you are - focus on getting initial set of users. There are a lot of ways you can go about this:
1) Getting published in a leading online magazine a day before launch
2) Running highly targeted awareness focused FB & Insta ads a week before launching and then switching to use focused ads.
3) Display ads can also give a big reach
If you could share your Insta or FB page, I could share more. Let's schedule a call for more insights. For long term brand building, read this blog,

Given the information shared, there are a lot of ideas that can be explored. Below are some:

1) Pitch relevant blog advertising to IT service providers and software sellers. 200k monthly views is a good number.

2) Pitch top spots to IT service providers and software sellers in relevant category pages.

3) Since you have a lot of informative content, push the same through email marketing will work. Brand promotion can be made part of the email marketing

There are many other advertising driven monetization options can be explored without spoiling the user experience. Let's talk on phone or email ( to dig deeper.

1) Building your website is the first step. The website will tell potential leads everything about you in terms of experience, expertise, completed projects, clients, and much more. This will be the fastest way to monetize your skillset and there are a lot of places (FB, Youtube, Google, etc.) from where you can generate leads quickly if you are good with putting in money.
2) Writing blogs and generating ad revenue is complex. Writing blogs is no longer as lucrative as it used to be. A content shift is happening and video content has already speeded ahead of blogs. So, if you want to go ahead with content, I would recommend focusing on video content rather than blog writing. Podcasts also have great potential nowadays.

Drop me an email at if you need help with website & initial brand building or let's schedule a call to gain deeper understanding. Cheers.

Congrats on fighting anorexia and beating it!
Unlike others, you are asking the right question. How to write a blog comes before creating a website, making money from it, or anything else. So, here are a couple of suggestions:
1) Start by researching what's out there already.
2) Keep a pen and notebook at your side while doing that.
3) Note what all has already been covered and to what depth.
4) While doing research, you will note lapses. Sometimes, content won't be enough. Sometimes, info will be half cooked. I think you got the drift. This will give you topics to cover that other has missed or haven't covered thoroughly.
5) Blogging is no longer limited to text. In fact, text based are slowly taking a backseat. They are being replaced by vlogs (video blogs). So, I would recommend checking Youtube for the content you want to create.
6) See what anorexia content creators are selling. See if they really have value or you can plan something people would like to pay for. It can be a PDF guide, access to video lessons, personal diet, etc.

Long story short, do your homework.

There are tons of things you can do to get blogging right. It is a crowded place but if you find a niche, then, there certainly is big money there. Trust me, I have been written blogs that sold for $400 a piece.
Here are two resources I think will help you down the line:
Best of luck!

Building backlinks is super complicated task nowadays but below are the strategies that my team has been working with for our clients and they have benefited from the work:

1) Make relevant guest contributions - A lot of high authority blogs have changed their guest contribution policies and made the links no-follow but there are still websites out there that give do-follow links. So, discovering blogs that are relevant for you and pitching a post that actually adds value to the blog can get you a quality backlink as well as exposure to an engaged audience.

2) Pay for feature posts - Media sites accept features posts and give do-follow links in them. Usually expensive but think of long term and put in some money on it from time to time

3) Associate with NGOs - Reputed NGOs are always interested in people who can support their cause and most feature their supporters on their websites. Links are often given to websites on such occasions.

4) Get active on relevant channels - There are no dearth of content creation, content curation, business listing, and community websites. Such websites usually have authority and backlinks from them can be counted into decent quality. So, get on all such websites and participate from time to time as well.

5) Last but not the least, create authority content. Authority content is picked up and referenced on its own which creates automatic backlinks. When I say content, think blogs, images, infographics, and everything else that can be credited/published with a link.

There are many other ways to create quality backlinks. Please reach out in case of further help!

Good day!

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