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Sure, it's always good to do SWOT at any point of time in business. It gives you a perspective on what's going right and what might go wrong. Critical it is to undertaking enhancements in your business and marketing strategy. It can also drive you towards innovation. Go ahead and do that!

Charging by keyword is an old tactic which can backfire since there is no guarantee how much time it will take to bring up a link on the first page. Getting new resources and pages on Google's first page has become highly complex.
I run a marketing agency and we have a lot of SEO projects running. We charge all our clients on the basis of work done on a monthly basis. If you will do good SEO work for a couple of months, the results will start trickling in in the form traffic and engagement. Use these improvements to prove your work.
You have built a site but what are you doing to get clients? Initial clients are the hardest to acquire. Case studies can be a huge asset when you are reaching out to potential clients. Look at some of our case studies to learn how to build some for yourself!
Good luck with your work!

There are a lot of ways to grow business fast when you have money. Advertising is the biggest driver of growth with money.
There are few ways to grow business fast when you are on a small budget. The best one that generates results is out-of-the-box marketing. Meaning, doing something that has chances of going viral. I was reading today about a pizza owner that started asking people to give one-star review in exchange of discount. He did it out of frustration with Yelp Sales calls but the sign board went viral and gave him huge media coverage. It also boosted his business greatly. That said, viral marketing is often risky and can backfire. So, play it nicely and after much thought.
Building yourself as a brand online is also a great way to grow. Not a fast way but it must be part of your marketing strategy. Here's a blog to get you started!

Of course! Hashtags are really important to grow your Instagram following. And using the right ones is even more important. Here is a blog that has the perfect insights related to hashtags that can trigger growth:
In case you want to use Instagram for generating business, here is a blog for that as well:
Good luck!

If you will be ordering the bags in bulk, then, China is a good place to get them made. Will save you a lot of money. Quality has improved a lot in cast few years. For material selection, design, and other details, you will have to connect with a designer. I can help with the research work and also shortlist manufacturers that can deliver a good deal. Email me at to discussion more.

Basecamp works for my team. It has a lot of features to keep everything organized.
Not dropping links since the last time I did I was flagged for spamming :D

For some industries, Google Reviews are very critical. Businesses that are local in nature and are often looked for with location in the keywords. Google is also a great place to build your authority through reviews. So, having a Google Maps listing with a lot of positive reviews will always be a plus. There is no downside to having great reviews anywhere. And since Google is the world goes to discover, I would say it is pretty important.

1) First, selling something doesn't always have to be through testimonials or referrals. If your product -here commercial office space - makes sense, then, people will be interested. When I started my marketing agency, the first client I acquired was a big LED supplier in China and I did it by:
a)Giving a practical solution to his problem
b) Being professional at every front
c) Referring to my industry experience (not clients)

2) There are many things you can do to connect with potential clients in your local region. Here are a couple of them:
1) You can highly target ads in your region
2) You can create a killer office space introduction video
3) You can channelize your current network to get introductions

I think reading this B2B marketing blog I wrote couple of weeks ago will help you:

Need further advice? I'm just a call away!

There is always space for expansion, even in crowded markets like hosting services. At the end of the day, all that matters is whether you have a good product and whether your audience can see the value in it or not.
If you are entering into crowded market, then, the first thing to do is do a thorough analysis of your top 3 market leaders. Find answers to questions like:
What features are they selling on?
How are they selling (channels)?
How are they retaining?
After careful study of your competitors, you will have a fair idea why works.
Now, you got to figure out the pain points. What their customers want but are not getting right now. It can be better support, flexible plans, or anything else.
Now that you know what people are missing out on, sit with a pen and paper to find out how you can differentiate your product. I hope this helped. For more clarity, let's have a call. Or feel free to email me at

Since marketing is crucial to success, leaving this blog link for your reference:

If your goal is to get quick visibility from founders and CEOs of startups, then, advertising will be easiest way. LinkedIn will be the most important channel from advertising as well as community point of view.
Google Network ads can also help get a wider visibility and recognition. I also checked the website and I think value prop is not very clear. Unique thinking has been shown in case of pricing but I'm not sure how it will resonate with your audience. I guess you should consider testing this pricing with traditional structure to see response and make comparisons.
In case of long term branding, work with at least 70 of the points mentioned in this blog,

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