Cricket Wilson-HarrisContent & Community Specialist, YouTube Success

Specializing in: Playing video games, live-streaming, collaborating, building and launching products & services, loving my community…. and Flying Free

Resourceful & Creative. Tenacious. Authentic. Self Made.

The heart of an entrepreneur + social media nerd + SEO Pro

Verified Experience in all aspects of content creation for Podcasts, YouTube Channels and Twitch Live Streams.

I’m a Verified Entrepreneurial Nerd.

Micro Influencer
Music Entertainment
Video Gaming
Hospitality (Luxury Apartments / Hotels / AirBNB

Moved to a new city without a job or even a place to live. Staying in AirBNB lodging + Extended Stay Hotels.

Leased an office, unpacked my studio and here I am, excited for the future and eager to connect.


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I recommend having your brand on the social selling app Poshmark. On there you focus on fast delivery and really nice packaging for a pleasant experience for the buyer, and rack up 5-star reviews and sales traction and revenue. This is a great way to expand your network as a seller and learn the marketplace. On one of my Poshmark accounts I grew it to 22k followers in a month. You can employ bot software that mimics you being active on the platform. Then every item you newly list for sale in your shop gets added to your follower’s feeds. Once you’re ready to launch your private standalone shop under your business domain I recommend Shopify. You can research your costs on their site, all platforms carry transaction fees, but sites like Shopify save you the trouble of hiring a web developer. Market through advertising, influencers and social media to drive traffic. Feel free to reach out to me for more advice. Good luck!

There are 3 things I recommend doing to improve your livestreams over time:
1. Watch your VOD playbacks start to finish so that you can pick up on things you would like to do differently.
2. Invest in improving your audio quality as much as possible.
3. Practice speaking your thoughts out loud so you can provide constant audio narration better.

Document and share experiences of interest to the group. Give attention to members. Encourage interaction by being approachable. Create opportunities for group events whether in person or online. Teach & Show and invite community members to share, show and teach.

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