martin kruusmaa Active, experienced entrepreneur from Europe.

I've lived in Asia for a longer time and I've done business there - that's why I am especially experienced in doing business with asia and in asians. I have trustworthy contacts and connections there. I have MBA and valuable practical experiences in international business and marketing

Currently, I am doing following businesses:
1) Import-export business ( between asia and europe)
2) Online business, Internet marketing, information products.
3) In the European Union, I am doing Waste recycling business

I can help entrepreneurs with following topics and issues.
1) All topics related Import/export business. From A to Z.
I am the most viewed written in import-export in Quora; you can read my answer there:
2) Sourcing, production outsourcing related with Asian countries
3) Marketing and internet marketing
4) Business planning, strategic planning

I have written a short ebook, how a person from developed country should start an import business, click below to read the sample chapters:

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Recent Answers

I personally think, that you no need to move away from the third country.
There are many good business models what works very well in developing countries.

I give you below one of the best business model for newbie entrepreneurs, no matter from where you are from.

In my opinion, if someone willing to start the business and he or she have no previous experiences in business, marketing, then that person need to start with this kind of business what will let him learn and get valuable skills and experiences without big risks and potential losses if you fail.

Also, I would point out t the nr.1 reason, why soo many new businesses fail.
It's because the new entrepreneur will fall in love with his/her unique product/idea. He/she believes soo strongly that his idea is soo great and the market will love his idea same way as he does.

But usually after newbies entrepreneurs implemented his unique idea, then they will face the hard truth, that market don't like their idea or product, or there is no actual demand.

So, in my opinion, for newbies they should not start their first business with their own unique idea, instead of at first place, they should start this kind of business that don't need a unique business idea and its clear, that there is demand already.

Here is one very great option available for newbies.

Its import-export business

This type of business I will guarantee that you will:

You learn different business fields and sectors.
You will practice all needed skills what you need in business
You will get new connections
You will get many new ideas for your next projects because you will deal with different businesses.
You no need a unique business idea, just need the profitable product.
This business will be your springboard to your next projects!
You no need to invest in product creation, inventory, production, software, etc.
So, import-export business has a lot of benefits, and it's very suitable for newbies.
Import export business you can start with very small money and the only thing with what you risk in this business is your own time, but not the big amount of money.

I started that type of business about 10 years ago, and I am very satisfied, that I made that choice,

Also, the Import-export business is universal, and people can do it in every country, and the actual steps and process is same no matter where you located, in India or in the developed world.

For developing countries, its usually smart and better to start with exporting to developed countries, like Europe, USA

For developed countries like UK, European countries, USA, Canada, its usually smart to start importing into their country.

I have special courses for both people, Developed, and developing countries, check below, and u can join

Also, this kind of business has big profit potential, and the whole world can be your market

There are two main forms of import-export business.
1. Direct import-export. Here you buy products directly, and you will also sell them. Or you will export product directly.

2. Import-export agent. Here you no need big money, you work like a matchmaker, who will bring buyers and sellers together. You will sign commission agreements, and you will get your fee as commission. This is the best starting point for newbies!

So, why to choose import-export business?

I like this business because it can be a lifestyle. Imagine that you are traveling in different countries and at the same time making money and signing commission agreements? So amazing!
You will create international contacts and make new friends.
Big profit potential and growth potential.
It can be a small business, what you can do at home, you can do it on the go, or it can 100% online business as well. It's up to you.
The world is more open then ever before! There are so many choices what you can import or export. The free trade is here to stay!
Prestige and Freedom.
There are much more…

So, as a conclusion, I really suggest for all newbies to start their own import-export business. It's really great starting point for you.

Of course, its not easy to get started, you need right and updated knowledge to be successful in this business.

P. S I am helping newbies get started with import-export business from scratch.

I also offer private mentoring.

Contact with me and I will help you to get started!

Because I understand you are also looking new business ideas to which you could focus on, then I describe to you my method, how to generate new business ideas what also fit for you and make money.

I give you here the first step with what to start, because its long process.

Here is how I start generating business ideas.
Note: All successful businesses solve someone's problems, pain points or improve something and the business idea is the solution for particular problem or pain point.

First, you program yourself to notice real problems in life around you. If u visit people or companies then ask from them following questions:

1. what is the one thing that you hate to do over and over again?
2. What is the most important thing in your life or your company and what problems you have with this currently?
3.To what thing, a process currently you are spending a huge amount of your resources (Money, time, etc..).
4. What is holding you back in your everyday life or in your company to develop further?

You can do the previous process also online; you can do like this:
Write into google phrases like: "I hate," "I wish I could know," I don't know," "Where can I" etc.

After you have collected some answers and idea, then next step is:
You create a mind-map. In mind mapping, I mean a special process, where you work further with one problem on time. Write that problem into sticky note paper and stick it into the blackboard. Then start to think about this current problem and write every idea, association down onto sticky note what comes into your mind and stick that also onto paper and stick on the blackboard. I usually generate about 20-30 ideas about one problem.

Idea mindmapping is for to get the better understanding about your Problem what you found in real life

It was the general description the first stage of generating working business idea.

Next processes include:
*Organizing and refine ideas related to the problem and develop further.
*Research more relevant information about your problem
*Solution generation for the problem.
*Idea (solution) testing in real life ( with zero or very low cost)
*Idea further improvement
* Start making money in small scale first and final confirmation of your business idea
*Going to full scale and start scaling your business.

If someone is interested to find yourself good and working business idea, then I have special and proved process how to do that all.
People can contact with me

I will give you overview about the procedures you need to follow in import-export business:

For importers:
In shortly, there steps you need to take

1.)First, you need to find the product you import. This is also the most important and complicated step. You need to find a profitable product and at the same time product, what fits for you. To find that product, you need to conduct market research; you need to make sure what kind of product is missing on the market or imported in too low volume, so you could also fit there. I suggest always conduct market research and start in this field with what you are familiar, experienced with. You should make this step very seriously, if you skip this step, then you will enter into a business like “Blind, intuition, freight forwarder, freight” and you can only hope, intuition was correct.

2)Secondly, find yourself freight forwarder. You tell them the product you want to export or import and ask them all information related to that product importation: Import duties, certificates, docs, costs, etc.

3) After you know all duties and costs, then you need real offers from suppliers. I suggest starting from Alibaba. Com, Just create a free account there and submit a buyng request for your product and soon you will get offers from suppliers all around the world. Only trust gold suppliers at least three years old!!! First I suggest you ask CIF offer ( CIF means the product will be sent to your destination), so also the transport is included the price. This way, it's easier for you to calculate all costs. Later you can change to some other Incoterm term. In Alibaba there are a lot of scammers and cheaters, so you should never choose the cheapest offer, choose something in the middle.

4)After you have offered, you create Excell file, include all costs related import, so you fill to get your full price, after product imported to your country.

5)Now if you have full price and information about the product, then next step, you need to talk with your buyers. You can sell to whole sellers, or you can sell directly to end customers with an online shop. Anyway, you need to talk with buyers and present your products to them and ask their feedback, about opinion- are they willing to buy your products?

6)After talking with your customers, you should have some understand your market and the possible demand volume and prices and profit margin. I really suggest, if you sell your product to end customers, then your profit margin must be at least 50%!! Also, you need to have unique selling point or advantage, what will lift you up from the ground. In other words, your product should be somehow better-compared others ( Don't just think about competing with the price!!) You should ask from customers, what problem they have now with the existing similar products. Then you can let your supplier improve or design your product based on the feedback from customers- then you will acquire real advantage in front of your competitors

7)After you know all selling, product and price information, then its time to order your first order. I suggest order as small order as possible, for a test order.
If you are ready to order, don't forget to sign detailed buying/selling contract. In the contract, you need to write everything related to quality, quantity, shipping terms, timelines and payment methods, also warranty. Ask help from a lawyer with this. Also use secure payment method, If your order amount is less than 10 000 used, then I suggest use Paypal for payments.

8)If your supplier finishes the order, then he sends it to you, and you wait your order arrive. Meanwhile prepare for selling, you should try to sell upfront, get advance payments from customers.

9)After product arrives at your destination, then you contact with your custom broker, send to him all docs and certificates, and he will do custom for you, and you will get your products after duties paid

10)Now you are free to sell!

For exporters:
But if you want to export, then you need to start little differently, compared importing, then steps are following.

1)If you want to export, then you must again find the product, what you can export profitably. You should start looking product from the field where you are expert or experienced. What you need to do is, you need to find the product ( if you are a producer, then you already have it) to get the idea, what to export, Google about the items, what your country is exporting. If you have a product, then you type your product into Alibaba and Indiamart.
You need to compare your product with other similar product what are available out there already. You need to compare following things.
The prices- you compare your product price ( with what you can sell it) with prices out there in the Alibaba, Indiamart, Ebay, etc
The product design, specifications, properties, technology- you compare how good is your product compared other. Does your product have special advantage or something that makes it unique?
Check the competition, look how many companies are selling the similar product, from which country they are, to where they mostly export, etc.

3. After you have checked the market and found that your product is competitive and have advantages in front of others, then you should post your product to import-export platforms, like Alibaba, Indiamart, Ebay. You need to post all needed data and information about your product, and you will start to get inquiries. Also besides the online platforms, you can google the import export forums, blogs. You could contact with your country trading department ( usually, they help their citizens to find import partners)

But If you found your product don't have an advantage, then I suggest you try to modify, redesign your product ( make R and D), you need to make it more unique, try to add some advantages, what others don't have. You already check the market, so you can base on that information what was out there already.

But if its clear, that you cant compete with that product, then you should choose another product and do market research again.

4. If you found buyers now trough online platforms or other channels, then now you need to talk with them, ask their needs, their requirements. You need to ask, what kind of certificates and documents they need for importing. NB! It's your obligation to provide to them all documents and certificates they need. You need to contact your authorities and custom with these questions.

5. After all is ready, and the buyer wants to buy, the you need to sign detailed contract with the buyer and wait for payment after you received then you need to produce or provide the product, pack it accordingly and send to the buyer.

Previous was the very short description of all needed steps you need to take, they don't include everything, and they are not enough detailed. If you are importing exporting big volume and very expensive goods, then before you order, you really need to go to the supplier, buyer country and check his background and be sure, they are reliable and able to produce the goods for you, or they can buy.

NB! I am creating 100% actionable and practical video course about how to get started the import-export business from scratch, all who interested can join below.
U can send PM to me, to know more about my course.

It is possible.

You generally have two ways to export water to the USA:
1. You export directly to the USA, It means you will import product into the USA and resell inside the USA by yourself. This is the most complicated strategy, and if you are just starting, then I don't suggest that for you. In this case, you indeed need to have Company registered in the USA:
2. You sell to USA importer. You need to find the importer who is interested in about importing drinking water. Then you no need to register USA company, but you need to provide all needed certificates and licenses for USA importer.

You have not enough information, but I can give some general suggestions.

1. I suggest you make to yourself a friends in that country, in where you looking customers, make many friends and they will help you in the future.
2. You can visit trade shows, exhibitions, fares.
3. You can connect with your country to ask help- Every country have ministry or trade departement, what focuses on expanding and increasing the export. They can help you and connect you with right people in your export destination country.
4. I have good experiences with ICC ( International trading organization), they can also help you

Best luck!

I am from Europe, I have done that, I imported segway analogs and also monocycles and hoverboards from China and I am reselling those in EU now.

This is my company:
I can tell you, that finding good factory is the most important thing.

For me, it took many months and traveling in China to visit different factories, until I finally found reliable one and import.

Even I have a Chinese wife, and I know a lot about China it was still very complicated and exhausting to find a reliable factory.

What I discovered is following: In China, there are actually few real producers, most of them who are presenting them as direct producers are just trading companies, I believe about 70 % them, what are in Alibaba are trading companies.

I can help you, because I have done it and direct you to my own trusted factory or help you with other questions related, just le me know

Based on your information, I suggest, you really need to study all aspects if you want to export to Norway.

But at first, I would suggest you start from your target market research, you should make sure the market conditions first and make sure, how is best for you to export there. Directly, using some mediators etc.

After you know market and you have made the calculations about what prices you could get and what would be the profit, then you can go further and make sure all other related aspects, like custom questions ( norway in not in EU and exporting there is differeent than exporing to EU)
also transport and requirements for your product you need to make sure.
Best luck!

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