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Currently working as a Product Manager for Domains at Web Hosting Canada
Currently working as a Product Manager for Domains for Web Hosting Canada, so the ability to consult may be limited by that.

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Having worked in the domain name industry since 2001, I would always suggest a trademark search before acquiring names. Please keep in mind that when registering a name, you agree to the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) as part of your registration contract. This means that you agree not to infringe on rights of others with the registration of your domain.

When selling a domain name, it really comes down to your contract/agreement with the buyer. Depending on the details you might be held liable for any potential trademark infringements at a later time.

DIsclaimer: I am not a lawyer, it would be best to consult with a lawyer.

I don't think this is a name that will receive many unsolicited bids, so you'd be best of identifying some potential buyer and setting a Buy Now price along with requesting offers.

From a SEO perspective the domain shouldn't really make any difference - or at least not a major one. As Google often emphasizes they try to rank by relevance for the user. There's one main exception, which would be ccTLDs (country level domains). And while .CO is a ccTLD, it's considered a generic domain by Google.

There were some TLDs that would negatively affect ranking, but .CO wasn't one of them.

I do think you should always try to own the .COM though - as domains get passed on by many means, i.e. word of mouth etc. Users are used to seeing/hearing .COM more so than .CO, so they might just try to visit the .COM instead of going to your site.

I'm sure they are losing some traffic - which redirects to

Someone from the Clarity Team would be best suited to answer this, but I think the association with "FM" -> Radio -> Talkshow is probably why they picked this TLD. Don't think they are based in Micronesia ;-)

I've also got a FM domain since it matches my initials, how could I resist.

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