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COO of Coddict (Digital Marketing Agency). Specialize in Making Money Online. Web Expert & Strategist. SEO Expert. Web Monetization Expert. Google Adwords Partner. Certified Internet Marketing Expert. E-Commerce consultant. UX Testing. Google Analytics Expert. Web Development: Symfony2.

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You need to setup a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, targeting areas like Germany.

You'll need to build a good keywords list and have integration with Analytics to maximize the efficiency of your campaign.

If you have any detailed questions feel free to contact me.

You could deploy on cloud servers such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace cloud or Liquidweb StormOnDemand.

Choose a framework that will server you well such as Symfony2 (PHP).

Make sure your code is source controlled (git).

Make sure you have deployment tools to keep your production site up to date (capistrano/capifony).

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