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Does your deck answer following big questions about your start-up - (1) What is your promise to your target customers (2) Does your promise connects with target customers to help generate interest/ enquiry (3) How your solution delivers the promise without fail (4) How do you acquire customers (5) How big is the market and how scalable is the business. These are some of the questions deck needs to answer apart from lot of standard stuff. Would be happy to help further. All the best.

Some thoughts you may find useful. Do you think if one has access to quick ways to make money with less time commitment, one would still be building a business? Building a new business requires burning your bridges. Building a business is a serious activity and doing that one activity is hard enough. Thinking about making money on the side to survive has the risk of diluting your focus from building your business. I am sorry there are no easy answers to make quick money.

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