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My answer to you is that they really don’t have a true understanding of what it takes. I would craft a better understanding/presentation and if they aren’t on board I would find a potential different client. Mainly because a lot of your hard work won’t be attributed for the short term.

Well, to be honest using Wordpress for e-commerce is a big no-no.

It’s bloated, easily hackable and not a truly scalable e-commerce solution for serious selling.

For someone starting out like yourself you are going to have to drill down at the local market. I suggest finding some great business owners and contact info thru https://www.LocalLeadFinder.net

It will help you hyper target a few types of businesses that can use your services and then warm they up digitally and then even pound the pavement once you have your proverbial “foot in the door”!

Depending on your industry, you could find local competition using https://www.LocalLeadFinder.net

It’s a tool that lets you put in search terms on different types of businesses and then generate full details about them.

Great for market research and outreach.

BOTTOM LINE is that customers EXPECT excellent service everyday no matter what and “giving positive reviews”, is not on the top of the list for clients or customers.

We use a 3 step process here to both aggregate and distribute reviews across our clients’ service profiles.

You have to be diligent, and you have to use some automation if you want to show a stellar showcase of history for “social proof” to work.

Only really old people fall for the trick of “of there’s a badge here, they must be trustworthy”, otherwise if they are younger and more tech savvy, it’s a whole different set of rules.

If you want to talk about a working system for reviews and that actually feeds out properly to enhance your company results feel free to reach out at https://www.GetFoundMarketing.org

Great question. I'm the founder of https://www.GetFoundMarketing.org and we've done this with select companies/startups.

As it turns out, many of the answers here are on point. And much of the time, a successful marketing group will need some "core stipend", to make it fair for both parties.

With that being said, I think you would need to have an indepth conversation with the marketing company you'd like to propose to get a better idea of your product/service that you are offering to the masses.

Much of the time, we make decisions based on the business climate of the potential product or service. We analyze the value as well, because as superstar marketers, we realize that you still have to have a truly great product or service in order for us to make your message ring loud and clear and make it profitable for both parties.

If you want to discuss, we are an open ear.

Simple answer here.

If you want someone that is going to grow your non profit, then you are going to have to give them a piece of the pie.

Evaluate your end goal, and see if you can give up equity for the right person.

Social, Social, Social.

Bootstrapping is the way to go.

Here's 3 key Strategies:

- Make sure you have a presentable website for the times

- You have established social profiles

- You have a small budget to start marketing within these social circles

Then from there, it's taking all 3 and combining them into a marketing strategy that will be hypertargted to your local audience.

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