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I strive to be a subject-matter expert and consistently put in extra effort to gain a deep understanding of the organisation, the products to deliver solutions and a level of innovation which surpasses expectation. Ambitious and personable, I enjoy advising, consulting, and guiding, delivering an innov- ative solution-focused approach to client service. Confident in my ability and I like to understand the big picture and go out of my way to get a handle on the end-to-end process before understanding how improvements can be made and contribute to the value chain.
I work with e-commerce brands and services providers to help accelerate growth through Facebook and Instagram. I consult, advice, coach, optimize, and manage Facebook campaigns to reach targets and hit goals as per clients requirements.

Using these time-tested and proven strategies together I will take your business to the next level. You can expect the experience. I have managed Facebook Ad Campaigns successfully with ad budgets of more than $500K+

✔ Facebook & Instagram Ads Growth Hacking
✔ E-commerce Store Conversion Optimization
✔ Digital Marketing Strategy
✔ Lead Generation

My Skills
✔ Facebook Ads Expert
✔ Instagram Ads Expert
✔ Marketing Funnel
✔ Lead Generation

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If you don't know what you are doing, don't bother. Facebook Marketing can look easy, anyone can create ad campaigns and promote on the platform, however, if you are not understanding what's behind every objective you are choosing, budget and optimizing you will pretty much be throwing your money away.
My advice is: Learn and understand what you are doing on the platform and what each objective means. Do the research and test. And if you do not have the time or patience, hire someone to do it for you. I would be available for a quick chat and overview. I used to work for Facebook in the Marketing department so I know what I am talking about.
- Fair play and all the best!

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