Bryn FirkinsDigital Marketing Strategist - Google Partner Cert

Digital Marketing Strategist - Google Partner Certified.

15 Years Digital Marketing Experience at agency level.
Google Certified for Adwords & Google Analytics.
PPC, SEO and Social Marketing Troubleshooting, Setup and Strategy.

Competitor Intelligence Reports.

"Every business needs a Bryn. His extensive understanding of Digital not only from a business but also from a consumer perspective is very highly regarded.
He has an endless determination and passion for pioneering new strategies, this is hugely respected and he is always willing to consult and train others internally and to the wider business. I have no hesitation to recommend Bryn, a great guy to work with." - Adrian - Search at Microsoft

"Bryn is innovative, intuitive and never satisfied with second best or loose ends. He's dedicated and thorough but without compromising a desire to create, refine and improve everything he works on." - Penny - IBM Industry Solutions

"You can always depend on Bryn to come up with the latest and most innovative ideas for web-based solutions." - Gill - Barclays Bank

Recent Answers

Can we think of a small service that startups really need?

Why think small ? Sell them something big, or at least something with a large perceived value, at a small price.

Most need a plan :-)

Usually "Don't Send Enough" sounds like your conversion rate in that channel isn't as high as you need. Which in turn usually means the traffic isn't the most qualified, which in turn usually means its the wrong channel for you :-)

I'd look at your website first then make some recommendations after looking at what your main competitors are doing across the same channels.

However, there is loads of traffic out there, sometimes though its about tweaking your offering to fit the traffic you can get and afford.

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