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Grower of B2C/D2C businesses ($500k-$15m) by building world-class customer experiences. Advisor on business strategy, marketing, advertising, technology and product marketing. If you need clarify or guidance on your business strategy, I'll help you refine and focus on what is important to achieve your business goals. Personally passionate about wellness focused businesses.

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Ideally, put yourself in your target customer's place and envision how they would find you. If it's Google, what are they searching? Look at Google Trends, keyword tool, and Moz (if you have it). If it's through networking groups or industry forms, what solution are you solving (driving traffic, better customer service etc)?

A semi-generic name that is searched often or is solution focused can be more memorable (and can rank your site higher).

Great question. Many small businesses ask this. If you're looking for strategy (vs tactics), an effective strategy embodies an overarching theme for your tactics to follow.

In your specific case for one-off collectables, a marketing strategy is likely better focused on the interested communities vs the individual products. For example, a community focused strategy might look like "Rare finds from around the world for the... car enthusiast, history buff, interior designer, etc." The words "rare" and "world" being the value proposition to the target community(s) chosen. You'll be able to build this strategy yourself by looking at the value propositions you have and the communities that buy from you.

From there, choose tactics that align to that strategy. Content marketing is a great, low cost tactic in your case. Writing guest blog posts and contributing interesting content/photos/finds to other existing forums that your communities visit is a great way to build your awareness. This also builds your SEO, organic traffic and email lists. Your email lists are another great option if you can segment them to specific communities and alert them with related products are stocked. All of this can start small and scale as you grow. Good luck!

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