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This is an important question.To begin with it is easy to succeed in an area of your giftedness or in an area you are good at. It means that you must do a self analysis to find out where your strength,abilities,giftedness are.This will help you to discover your life purpose and potential. Another thing you need to put into consideration is your passion. What are you passionate about? However your passion must be in line with your strength,abilities and gifts.

Restlessnes is a common phenomenon with many teenagers. This is caused by many factors. Some of these factors are; physical and psychological developmental changes, identity crisis,negative peer pressure, drug or substance abuse,unhealthy relationships,poor academic grades,low self esteem,negative attitude,bullying,sexual/physical violence among others. At times this can come be brought about by the environment at home.

As a parent you should be patient and reach out to your teenage daughter or son with love so that you can learn from them what the problem could be. If your relationship with them is not good you should work on improving it. And if you enjoy good relationship with them,it would be easy for them to be open with you and this way it will be easy for you to identify the issues at hand so that you can you can address them in the right way.

Parents should try as much as possible to be friends with their teenage children because this is a very critical stage in their life. They need to be handled wisely, with great care and love because it is a very delicate and sensitive stage.

Once you carry out your own assessment you can now decide the cause of action.The cause of action should be determined by the nature or the magnitude of the problem. There are are issues that you can handle personally but there are others that may require professional attention. This is where you involve a professional counselor,a psychologist or a medical doctor depending with nature of the problem as I earlier observed.

We are living in unprecedented times globally due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Counselors,Psychologists and Life Coaches are on high demand at the moment.

Counselors should as much as possible rise to the occasion by thinking outside the box, be innovative and think on the best approach to reach out to the hurting masses out there who are in dire need of their services.

Any Counselors who has a passion to help should use all the available avenues and means to reach people. As the Counselors offer counseling services they should do it in a way that inspires hope in the lives of people. The counselor should identify and empathize with their clients for them to achieve the desired results.

Finally the goal and motivation of any counseling session should be to help people and not how much money the Counselor will earn.

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