Nigel SonariwoVirtual Strategic Marketing and PR Consultant

My professional experience and subject matter expertise, is as a result of actually developing, leading, executing and reporting on results of numerous B2B and B2C campaigns; utilizing a range of varied communications strategies and tactics; including, Social media, online marketing, traditional press and media awareness campaigns; as well as, documenting and aggregating, a series of tried and tested best practices in strategic communications campaigns for clients.
Some of my specific work accomplishments include:
• Crisis/Reputation management communications
• Thought leadership writing
• Public speaking
• Copy writing
• Social media campaign training
• Developing several corporate brand building and consumer development campaigns
• Project management for the introduction of new products and services
• On the job marketing and PR communications staff training and leadership development for employees.
• Leading the transformation of a traditional PR firm (Porter Novelli in Nigeria) to becoming a forward thinking ‘digital’ communications firm in West Africa.

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What you are asking after, is an age old business challenge; One that can be addressed, utilizing the modern tools of social media, to help stake your product and service position.

The competition are doing what they are supposed to do; They are selling the ‘sizzle’ not the steak; by offering lower prices with less value added services than you do. There will always be customers who initially react to a lower perceived price offering.

However; there are a number of ways to compete against price; but I’d first need to know more about what exactly you are selling; your current market position; your competitive price points; margins etc.

The competition are the new guys in town, as you rightly noted. They need to attack you as the veteran in the industry; the incumbent “gold standard’ as it were; by offering price related discounted values.

Your counter is to remind the customers and prospects of what exactly you offer and how your product stand out from the competition.

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