Freddy Gonzalez20+ years experience enterpreneur.

President/CEO at Chatwin Company. 2007-Current.
Founder of
President/CEO at Spiga Cerveza. 2013-Current.

20+ years experience enterpreneur with expertise in e-commerce, web design, storage, Project Management, Mind Mapping, servers, virtualization, Data Centers, and others. Bachelor Degree in Computer Science.

Fluent in English and Spanish, and basic Italian skills.

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Customer experience is priority in any kind of today's business. First get to know and define the real vision/purpose of your business in relation to the world, your community or your customers... Why do you do what you do? Then think about how you can achieve that vision/purpose, in general terms, and then what is the resulting product or service you are providing. This way you will see the critical path of your business. Anything that you see on that critical path, is your top priority, above money, above anything, and the rest is secondary. Focus on your purpose!

In some cases, the first customer is the hardest one to get, and there is no secret. People need to trust in your business to buy from you. The best way to start developing trust is by talking to your family, relatives and friends. Probably one of them would end up being your first customer. But your real concern should be how to create such a great experience to that first customer to make him talk to others about your product/service... make sure you do, and you will start receiving customers fluently.

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