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Don't be fooled by my discounted rate. I have just joined so expect to compete on price until I receive a few reviews.
With a experience of owning and running multi-million dollar international businesses (offline) I understand the needs of business from an executive level. This alone sets me apart from industry peers.
Entering the online world back in 2010 I have applied my business acumen to skills I learned from icons in the internet marketing space.

#1 - I will not advise based on limited skill-set (square peg, round hole). Your business is unique, the advice you receive should be applicable to YOUR business. With experience of success in many verticals and with all forms of internet marketing you can be sure to receive information that will REALLY make a difference.

#All advice comes from REAL LIFE application, not textbooks or seminars.

I am NOT a master in terms of delivery of all the below (that would be impossible) however I have a experience of, and extremely solid understanding of all the below. This is imperative in order to deliver the correct advice to each client.

• Content Marketing (inbound marketing)
• Branding
• Copywriting
• Growth Strategies
• Paid Advertising
• Social Media Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Lead Generation
• Local SEO
• Instagram Marketing
• E-Commerce
• Amazon SEO
• Shopify
• Email Marketing
• Sales Funnels Design and Implementation
• Marketing Strategy Creation and Execution


Recent Answers

The simple answer to this question is to find a boutique agency.

1) Avoid Big box SEO firms.
2) Do not source offshore.
3) Avoid companies who offer everything under one roof. Are they really experts?

I am a full time marketing consultant with my own agencies. 99.9% of all people who give advice or think they know about ranking (your reason for backlinks) have absolutely no idea. They might know theory, from text books or learning online, but they do not understand how to apply this information and much of it is erroneous.

There are very few places where you can get backlinks that will do you any good over the long term because Google is on the case and will knock links out as fast as you can build.

There are some black hat agencies who can boost ratings fast - but they never hold.

If you are looking for quality ranking advice - visit

It's actually really easy, if you have a budget that is reasonable and you have an expert who can deliver! Any scraping software is going to refer back a lot of junk in with the contacts you need. Problem is even if you use a mass mailer software your emails will have a horrible bounce rate and your email / IP can get blocked depending on how you send the emails.

There is a reason software is cheap. There is a reason Experian charge a fortune for quality data. Because it's worth it.

Building a quality email list of your own is the way forward. It doesn't necessarily take that long to start building a nice list.

There are also other ways to attract the clients you are looking for - content marketing for example.

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