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We worked with Victor during the laucnh of Isteon, a startup dedicated in innovative technology. He assisted us in setting up a network of partners and supported us in putting in place the salary scale and all necessary KPIs of our teams.
Working with Victor was a great pleasure since he is always smiling and bringing new ideas and vision. In addition to this, he has a wide network of connections that could help in many many fields.
Every meeting with Victor leads to a new opportunity and give a new vision.
I definitely strongly recommend to work with Victor as he will help achieving results and performance.

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I see in your questions, two different questions, one related to your business field and one related to the different tasks that you or your team should do.

Being passionate does not mean getting your business out of any risk. Your passion is essential to be more and more creative but it is not enough to succeed.

To succeed, you need to work hard and sometimes on tasks that you don't like and maybe you don't master enough.

For example, Henry Ford was first passionate by the industry which lead him to create the first car in the world. However, he did not get that much rich before to work hard on the franchise system and the sales strategy.

Till now, I did not read a single article saying that he was passionate by the supply chain which was important for his success.

If you are not interested in a task and if it is important for your business, you can find a partner who can do it for you and make your business grow faster.

if it is only a question of taxes, then you'd better look for a detaxe zone.
If you are looking to expand your business abroad with another identity, different than the Indian one, Europe can be the best place for you.
If you need more information how to settle in France or UK I will be delighted to help you.


Well it depends on your country of residence and the country of residence of your subcontractor.

However, what do you mean by "virtual"? They will work for you remotly but not virtual, right?

If you look to big companies, you will find that all of them are specialized in one or many services or products, but proposes lots others too.

If you want to minimise the risks of the market and maximise your benefits, I advise you to be known as an expert in one service/product but to propose many services/products related to that one.


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