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Hi, I'm Mike Hardenbrook. For the past decade, I have focused on cold email as a fundamental strategy for success.

I've taken my own ventures from ground zero to millions, and I've propelled companies I've partnered with into the tens of millions.

I can help you with cold email, b2b email, sales emails, and business development.

Expert in Business Development, Strategic Partnership, and Paid User Acquisition. Co-founder of several startups.

I’ve been featured on NPR, FOX, INC, Forbes and products seen on TechCrunch, Appsumo, Mixergy, Rise to the Top, EntrepreneuronFire, and More. Regularly a featured Instructor on Udemy. Mentor at the Baylor University accelerator program Accelerated Ventures.

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It's better to approach product owners and structure the deals rather than pull from a directory of dropshipped goods.

You get a unique product, more flexibility over terms, and in some cases exclusivity

It's tedious if you are looking to create a wide offering in a marketplace but this is my perspective for a better chance at success.

I'd first ask if you are getting decent deal flow through the freelancing sites, if it would cost more than 10-20% margin to acquire users on your own, including the price of handling payments, invoicing, etc. Just something to consider, independence is great of course.

If you'd like to supplement those projects instead of replace, that seems like an easier transition to expand your overall clients and deal flow.

Paid acquisition would be a tough route and sharp learning curve. If you were to go that way, the best funnel would probably be to paid > content piece > email drip or phone consult

If it were me, I'd do cold email by prospecting via linkedin and emailing qualified leads directly using permutations on their name to the domain of the current company.

Don't try and sell them in the email, just to show them something cool that you do they might find of interest - or a tip on something they could be doing and might not be. Personalization is the key on these emails and a clearly defined objective for sending them (click link, respond, schedule call, etc)

Hope that helps a little :)

You're getting them in two different modes.

For search (google), they are actively seeking a solution.

For display (facebook), they are in discovery mode.

Really you just have to nail down your LTV, look what you can spend to acquire a customer, and start testing where you think you'll do the best with your budget and optimal customer buying mode.

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