Maria ToddHealthcare / Health Tourism Strategist

Maria Todd has had a distinguished career in healthcare business administration. Over the past 30 years, she has established global renown for her advocacy and education for healthcare, hospitality and health tourism clients worldwide.
She brings a wealth of knowledge from a variety of projects involving ultra-modern, high-tech, all-digital, exclusive Centers of Excellence, academic medical and research centers in Thailand, Spain, Argentina, Italy, Turkey, Korea, Tunisia, the Caribbean, throughout the USA and Europe. She helps with third-party reimbursement (insurance and employer) relationship development and managed care contracting for hospitals, physicians and healthcare providers. She is the author of The Managed Care Contracting Handbook, 2nd edition. The peer-reviewed professional handbook is published by international life sciences publishing giant, Informa. Dr Todd is the author of 16 internationally-published handbooks on healthcare and health tourism business administration and startup guidance.
Additionally, she was selected as the sole consultant to develop the medical tourism national strategy framework for Greece, vetted and selected by the US Embassy in Athens, and engaged under a single source contract underwritten by the Troika (WHO, EU and ERDB).
Dr Todd is connected to medical tourism referral agencies, referring physicians, insurance companies, employers, and case managers. Under her guidance, clients fast-track to contractual relationships with insurers, labor unions and self-insured employers. AskMariaTodd to help you with your healthcare and health tourism industry startup challenges. She leverages insider knowledge from professional work experience as a health law paralegal, as a former managed care provider relations and contracting director, combined with clinical experience as a surgical nurse, and experience as a former hospital and surgery center administrator and manager and medical group administrator.

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You make no mention of the bare bones information that someone would need to know in order to assist you.

A competitor may have all these 1st mover advantages. The answer depends on if you have a differentiation advantage, more brand reputation strength, and how compelling your ad copy is to targeted personas.

How do you know he has 6000 clients? It also depends on how negligible switching costs may be to switch to your service or product as a substitution for what he has.

A situation analysis is imperative as a first action to determine if what he sells is what the market wants exactly. If not, a slight tweak to your offer, brand, product, and message may be the tiny subtle refinement that makes them choose you over him, or makes them replace him with you.

If you don't have budget for the situation analysis, you won't likely have too many skilled analysts ready to help.

I take it from your post that you are not in the USA, and therefore, would require a consultant to travel abroad to perform the field research in addition to the desk research, so whatever your budget for assistance must also take into consideration that the consultant will need to travel to you and not simply analyze you from the comfort of their armchair.

For a little no cost advice on what you can do in stealth mode for analysis and save a little seed capital see

How to Use a Competitor Dashboard to Destroy Your Competition

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