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Hello, I would love to work with you to gain clarity on your website's user experience. I took a quick look at it. The first thing I is not precisely clear what it is you do. This is critical in websites. You have 5 seconds to capture a persons attention. If it takes too much work to figure out what it is that you do, we vacate. I am happy to talk further.

I would highly suggest you consider being spot on competitive with those you are in the market with. There will be thing to overcome going to market, remove all of the obstacle that you can. Make your buyers choice easy.

The first thing that comes to mind is what are brands that are in existence that fit this model and what seems to be their most important attribute.

What stands out to me is their Branding. It is their brand, that positions them as a success. Their branding is positioned to make you want to incorporate it into your lifestyle. Their brand influences their packaging, their presentation, their image, the expectations are set forth from the Brand.

You can have a great product, made with the highest integrity, that is exquisite - but without a brand to connect that to - no one will ever connect with this product.

Your marketing software is going to be key. Your marketing automation and sales pipeline should be integrated seemlessly. A consistent and persistent social media saturation is a must, with lots of content that gives your tour exposure. You will need to always lead to a landing page, not your website, but a landing page thats sole purpose is to capture someone email address. You want your social presence and ad spend to do nothing but capture the email addresses. This email address will then move into your sales pipeline to nurture to become one of your tour companies raving fans. As you nurture these leads to a sale you might consider setting up a affiliate program offering to travel bloggers.

It seems like you have experiemented enough that you are familiar with some of the pain points surrounding your target market. You should view that as a huge win.

I imagine that what your target market's biggest problem is - they don't know what they don't know. However, you know what they don't know. It seems part of your marketing strategy moving forward needs to be a plan to education people on the pain point your product solves.

It seems you have insight into the AdSense world that people really need to know about. I would encourage you to show up and educate - tell people what they need to know to succeed. Tell the story that you have intentionally created a product to offer as a solution to this problem. You educate through placing articles on Medium and LinkedIn, posting YouTube videos and Facebook Live - all sending the message that you are the expert on this subject.

As far as your Facebook Ad - maybe consider positioning the ads to address what people are doing wrong ... "Stop wasting money on ,,,,,," or "Have you given up on AdSense ...."

I think you also need to purpose to reach out personally one on one to your target audience and introduce yourself and your product. Perhaps set a goal to reach out to 5 people - every weekday, in 30 days you will have connected with 100 people.

If you impact your marketing efforts from multiple fronts you will begin to see which channel brings you the leads you need.

I can't see how this would be a good plan to proceed with IF you intend to scale your business If you are interested in having these as a hobby or something you want to dabble in - Yes - combine them. If this is something you want to scale into thriving businesses - they will need to be treated as two completely separate businesses.

You want to get 'feedback' from your clients experience. Whether that be on a facebook feed or via email, etc. Then reply to the person submitting that you really appreciate their feedback and would they mind if you shared that with other clients. Then you have permission to use those words to further promote your business as a review. You should never place the client in the position to 'write' their on review. Just let the process unfold naturally in the form of feedback.

A facebook ad should always lead to a landing page that is designed to capture an email address. Then you can pull your clients into a nurturing funnel. It is not realistic to expect a facebook ad to bring in a sale. That is like asking someone to marry you on the first date. This why you want to capture the email address immediately and begin to date this person and gently lead to through a sales process.

Great question. I have actually asked my peers what they use as a source of news currently. I hate getting news alerts on my phone that tend to bring me down. I tried the Skimm and found this to uninteresting. I am not interested in the latest political tweets. The current landscape of news coverage has left me craving deep intellectual converstions about things that matter. Pretty much doesn't exist online.

Q: Can you see yourself using this product 6 months from now?

Q: Is there another product on the market that you find intriguing and intend to research further?

Q: Have you ever told another person about his product?

Q: Do you find enjoyment is using this product or is this something strictly work related and you have no choice but to use this product to perform your duties.

Q: What part of the application do tend to find frustration with?

Q: Would you ever have any interest in working in with our company to improve this product?

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