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Experienced, successful and well seasoned hands-on Entrepreneur specialized in boot strapping, funding, go to market strategies. I can mentor both US and European founders and companies to determine their best path to market, to funding, and to exit. I thrive on finding ways to bootstrap the early business so founders can keep more of their company. And if the opportunity is good....I may look to invest.

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Simple answer is YES. The least complicated is to use a US branch of a UK bank such as HSBC or Barclays that you already have an account at. I did this when I ran a company in London that was selling into the US market. The US account was set up by the London branch office.
If that is not possible, opening a US account can be done, but you will need a US represenative, preferably an accountant, to go to a branch office with the required paperwork. You will be requied to obtain an EIN number from the IRS and will need to setup a US corporation and US address. Again this is rather simple to do and there are many online companies that can do this for you. There are a few online banks that can set up accounts for foreign corporations in a few days time, but prior to that you will need an EIN along with a copy of managing directors passport, plus one additional form of ID such as a drivers license, as well a UK corporate papers and US articles of incorporation.
Keep in mind that selling in the US means you will enter the US tax system and will need to file annual US and State tax returns so you will need good tax advice on which state to incorporate in. Hope this helps...

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