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In a word: Forensics.

Computer forensics is the art of examining a system and determining what happened upon it previously. The examination of file and memory artifacts, especially file timelines, can paint a very clear picture of what the attacker did, when they did it, and what they took.

Just as an example - given a memory dump of a Windows system, it is possible to extract not only the command lines typed by an attacker, but also the output that they saw as a result of running those commands. Pretty useful in determining impact, eh?

Depending on the freshness of the compromise, it's possible to tell quite a lot about what happened.

You can't use a DSA for RSA encryption. They operate in entirely different ways, instead generate an RSA key and use that. PM me if you have trouble.

It looks like you're trying to find a service that will allow you to pre-set the execution time of your payment, which is very uncommon. Typically they use recurrent payments to even out fluctuations in traffic on their servers, allowing them to execute them at will (and unpredictably).

If you really do need it to be at an exact time, I'd recommend creating a script to do it for you. They're pretty simple to create.

What do you mean by "backup my projects"? As a developer you'd usually have some kind of version control system in place ( or, which would also serve as a backup system. If you're looking for someone to keep an archive of your files, there are a number of public or private cloud providers that offer that service (carbonite, ironmountain, goodsync, etc.).

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