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Expert in scaling and entrepreneurship as well as Organizational Development (OD/OCM).

Over a decade coaching and training thousands of CEOs & Executives and helping launch and scale faster. Author, top Coach, Consultant, Creator of The CEO Boot Camp and AirTight Management. Created over 40 courses and 6 certifications for managers to CEOs.

Technical and highly skilled leader and entrepreneur with deep expertise in innovative business development through strategic planning, team building and value creation that has generated over $1 billion in shareholder value for investors just while there and over $10B after leaving from further growth. I can help you maximize growth while balancing short-term profit and long-term equity value creation to create sustainable competitive advantage in any business.

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I wrote an article on this exact question on LinkedIn here:

First make sure they have done what you want to do, multiple times, they are not just a "Certified Coach". Second the size of the businesses they have RUN will determine their abilities. You want someone who has worked in (run) a startup and grown it successfully, not someone with Fortune 2000 executive. VERY different skills set, mentality and style.

As a CEO and Serial Entrepreneur for 14 years I grew two startups to over $100 million in sales. I have coached over 200 CEOs and trained hundreds of executive teams and senior executives in my CEO Boot Camp, Management Best Practices video Series and AirTight Management Systems. I also wrote The Startup Manual for Entrepreneurs to show them how to plan, launch and scale a new business. Read, read, read too. I have read over 1,000 books on business, leadership and management. My top book recommendations are listed here:

I coach one-on-one weekly starting at $600/month for startups. Half my rate for profitable and larger companies.

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