Stefano De ZottisProduct Manager of international telecoms services

Mobile Connectivity services and IPX platform Product Manager. Wholesale IP transit service. Managed Connectivity services.

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The winning strategy to get an interview is to emerge from the hundreds or thousands applications the company receives for the same job. Such companies could receive even up 300-500 applications in one day, so how could you get your application noted by the HR team?
1- You might want to include a summary in your CV, and a cover letter to accompany your application, that contains the magic words, crystal clear those skills that are requested: the recruiter will not spend more than 20-30 seconds on your CV, be sure he can read what he is looking for. Only if you obtain his interest he would move forward to read the rest of your CV.
2- Networking. This is a MUST. Try to reach out other employees (directly or through other contacts), get them linked to you on LinkedIn (send requests to 4-5 employees, only 1 or 2 would accept), participate to events where you will find other employees of the company. The most effective way to present your application is through an employer of the company (referrals).
3- Unfortunately, remember that when you see a job posting that has been published, it means that the company already tried to cover the position using all its direct contacts (see point 2 above).

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