Eric NicholsonFather of 2 teenage girls and married.

17 years of customer service experience. I am currently a full time automotive consultant. I am here to share knowledge. I am very knowledgeable with leadership development, such as managing teams, how to build a team, how to be a leader. I look forward to helping you. If you have something other than what I explained, message me and we will see what we can do.
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Train multiple prospects and create a team that can do the small jobs. You will find it gives you more time to work on your contract jobs and what ever you choose.

I wholesale part time. I have sold multiple products to a variety of different stores. My goal was to never get into a huge department store, it was to provide small mom and pop shops with products that would sell.

Steps I took to sell multiple items:
1. Establish a contact person
2. Provide sample products to display in store on counter
3. Follow up with contact person to see what reaction they are getting from the consumer.
4. Discuss how your product will bring more revenue to there establishment.
5. Sell your idea.
I have done this in multiple different types of stores.
Sold knives to a gift store to put in gift baskets.
Sold shot glasses to a dollar store.
Sold musical gardens to a small knick knack store.
Sold table top fountains to a novelty shop.

I used the steps above in order to achieve my goal.
My personal opinion is 85% of your time and effort is going to be selling the idea.

That's it. It really is that simple.
Feel free to contact with any questions.

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